Toni Bastin

Mobile Personal Trainer - Toni Bastin - Narre Warren

Toni Bastin

Narre Warren and Surrounding Suburbs

My love of fitness started late in life. I had a high profile career in Retail which enabled me to travel the world and earn a lucrative income. This was a great time in my life but once my children came along that life became increasing difficult to sustain. The other side effect of my high pressure/high profile career was that I gained a lot of weight. (50kg to be exact) This extra weight affected my health.

In 2006 I decided to make a change and over the period of a few years I gradually lost 50kg*. It was a long hard journey but one I’m thankful for as I learnt long term weight loss is only achievable with a long term healthy eating strategy and a consistent exercise program.

Along with improved health my weight loss ignited a passion for fitness and nutrition; I am now a qualified personal trainer and weight loss consultant. My transformation has made we want to help as many people as possible with their transformation.

* Results will vary. Similar results cannot be guaranteed simply by working with Toni.