Two-on-One Personal Training

Train with your partner, a friend or family member

Working out with a training buddy can be a sensational way of boosting your motivation and keeping things extra fun!

Our Slim Force personal trainers can come to your home and train you and a friend or family member for just an extra $15 per session. Not only will you motivate and inspire each other, a little bit of friendly competition can go a long way to ensuring you’re giving it your all.

We train husbands and wives, partners, sisters, parents and sons/daughters, cousins, friends – the possibilities are endless. So if you’ve got a buddy you’d like to train with, this is a great option!

Melbourne Mobile Personal Training - Two on One

What to Expect – Your First Session

  •  Meet and Greet: We want to get to know both a bit better – your goals, your preferences, your exercise history and anything else you need us to know to help you get the most of your journey with us at Slim Force Mobile Personal Training.
  •  Goal Setting: It’s important when you embark on any journey that you define some specific, realistic and measurable goals to work toward. We will work with you both to set some goals in place right from the very beginning (short and longer term) so we are all on the same page about what we’re working toward.
  •  Basic Fitness Testing: This isn’t designed to be a scary process but we totally understand it can be if you haven’t done much exercise for a long time. It really is just a way to figure out where we are starting from and measure how far you have come throughout the journey. Your trainer will modify things as required to ensure you are both working at a level that is appropriate for you and any injuries you may be carrying.
  •  Weight and Measurements: Again, this is just another way for us to gauge how you are progressing throughout your personal training journey. We use a wide range of indicators to see how you are going and we don’t advocate a focus on the number on the scales so this part of the assessment is absolutely optional. Just let your trainer know if you’d prefer not to be weighed and measured and we will leave the scales at home.
  •  Scheduling of Upcoming Appointments: For most clients we try to set permanent times for your training sessions each week but if you work irregular hours, we can be flexible and adjust times each week according to your other commitments

What to Expect – Ongoing Sessions

Exactly what your sessions consist of depends largely on the goals you both establish in your initial session with your trainer. All Slim Force mobile personal training sessions are completely personalised with your current fitness levels and any limitations taken into account. Speaking generally, sessions will often feature a combination of some of the following types of training:

  • Boxing
  •  Cardiovascular training
  •  Strength training
  • Interval training
  • Core training
  • Flexibility training

We always endeavour to put as much of what you do enjoy into your sessions and minimise the exercises you don’t enjoy or feel uncomfortable doing. We most definitely want being more active to be an enjoyable part of your life and while we take our work seriously, we’re always up for making working with us fun!

Who is it for?

  • Couples, siblings, mums/dads and daughters, mums/dads and sons, friends, cousins, any two people who are comfortable exercising together really!
  •  Those who feel more comfortable training in a private setting rather than in a gym or public park.
  •  Those who are time poor and don’t want to waste time travelling to a facility to exercise and would prefer their trainer came to them.


  • Do we have to have the same goals?

    Ideally, similar goals are best. If goals are vastly different, it can be more difficult for the trainer to plan suitable sessions and you lose a lot of the effect of having a buddy there to work with. You’d be doing completely different things and that never seems quite as fun!

    If you’re concerned your goals may be too dissimilar, contact us via the contact page and we’ll give you a call for a chat to see if we can make it work.

  • Do we need to be of the same fitness level?

    Not necessarily. Our trainers can provide more or less challenging options for most exercises if you’re not quite at the same level. You’ll be doing similar exercises but it will be tailored to your individual fitness levels.

  • How do payments work if there are two of us? Can we split payment?

    You can absolutely split payments down the middle if that’s what you’d prefer. We can set up a direct debit with each of you paying 50% of the total session fee. We do this quite a lot in the case of friends or siblings training together.

  • What if only one of us can train sometimes?

    This is also not a problem. When it’s one on one (and we’re given sufficient notice that will be the case), the 1 on 1 price applies rather than the 2 on 1 price. We can adjust your payments accordingly so all you really need to do is let your trainer know and we’ll organise the adjustments.

Ongoing Two on One Personal Training Pricing

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