One-on-One Personal Training

For truly personalised help and support on your fitness journey

Slim Force offers a truly personalised mobile personal training experience. We understand that fitness can mean different things to different people and no-one is starting from exactly the same place. You’re unique and we totally respect that.

We’re all about meeting you where you are and helping you take practical and sustainable steps toward the goals YOU want to achieve. Regardless of your goal, a personal trainer is your accountability buddy. Your trainer will help set out your goals in a realistic way and motivate you to strive beyond these as your fitness improves.

Your Slim Force trainer will always be looking out for you. If you have an injury, we can work around it and refer you to the proper health professional if treatment is needed.

Melbourne Mobile Personal Training - One on One

What to Expect – Your First Session

 Meet and Greet: We want to get to know a bit more about you – your goals, your preferences, your exercise history and anything else you need us to know to help you get the most of your journey with us at Slim Force

 Goal Setting: It’s important when you embark on any journey that you define some specific, realistic and measurable goals to work toward. We will work with you to set some goals in place right from the very beginning (short and longer term) so we are all on the same page about what we’re working toward

Basic Fitness Testing: This isn’t designed to be a scary process but we totally understand it can be if you haven’t done much exercise for a long time. It really is just a way to figure out where we are starting from and measure how far you have come throughout the journey. Your trainer will modify things as required to ensure you are working at a level that is appropriate for you and any injuries you may be carrying.

 Weight and Measurements: Again, this is just another way for us to gauge how you are progressing throughout your personal training journey. We use a wide range of indicators to see how you are travelling and we don’t advocate a focus on the number on the scales so this part of the assessment is absolutely optional. Just let your trainer know if you’d prefer not to be weighed and measured and we will leave the scales at home.

 Scheduling of Upcoming Appointments: For most clients we try to set permanent times for your training sessions each week but if you work irregular hours, we can be flexible and adjust times each week according to your other commitments

What to Expect – Ongoing Sessions

Exactly what your sessions consist of depends largely on your own personal goals. All Slim Force mobile personal training sessions are completely personalised with your current fitness level and any limitations taken into account. Speaking generally, sessions will often feature a combination of some of the following types of training:

 Cardiovascular Training
 Strength Training
 Interval Training
 Core Training
Flexibility Training

We always endeavour to put as much of what you do enjoy into your sessions and minimise the exercises you don’t enjoy or feel uncomfortable doing. We most definitely want being more active to be an enjoyable part of your life and while we take our work seriously, we’re always up for making working with us fun!Mobile Personal Training Melbourne - Garth

Who is it for?

  • Plus size beginners who really aren’t too sure where to start on their fitness journey.
  • Super busy parents who can’t get away from the house easily to exercise (we’re super kid friendly!)
  • Super busy professionals who don’t have time to get to the gym and need someone to come to them.
  • People looking to take a different approach this time around – something sustainable and manageable.
  • People who have had enough of the ‘just exercise more and eat less’ mentality that we all know doesn’t work.
  • People who have been going it alone at home but feel ready to step things up and get some additional guidance and motivation.


  • Do I have to be plus sized?

    Not strictly. If you like our philosophies and would like to work with us, we’re down with that so feel free to register!

    Plus size training is what we specialise in so much of the website is written with plus size beginners in mind. We can assist people with a variety of fitness goals, however, even if they don’t identify as plus size.

  • How much space do I need to train at home?

    Not that much, to be honest. As long as there is some room for you to move your arms and legs around, we can make it happen. We have clients who train in their lounge rooms, their garages, their driveways, their decks, their backyards – there are so many possibilities.

    If you are worried about whether the space you’d like to train is sufficient, feel free to send a photo through via the contact page. However, we really haven’t encountered a space we haven’t been able to work with since we started in 2010.

  • Can you come to my workplace?

    Absolutely! Provided your workplace is happy for us to come along and it’s located within our service area, we can definitely look to train you before work, after work or on your lunch break.

  • What equipment do I need?

    You don’t need anything at all. We come along with all the equipment we need in the back of our cars. Having said that, if you’ve already got some of your own equipment, we can absolutely use it and work it into your sessions.

    As your fitness improves, you might decide to get some pieces to have at home. Your trainer will be able to assist you in finding the right equipment for you to keep you progressing toward your personal fitness goals.

  • Do I need to be fit to start?

    Not at all. We’ll meet you wherever you are, even if that is really at a very baseline level. After all, that’s why you’re working with us, isn’t it? You need some help in building your fitness. We can get you started from wherever you are and work with you in achieving your fitness goals.

  • Should I try to lose weight before I start?

    While we do recommend you have a chat to your local GP regarding getting started with any fitness program, there is generally no need to wait until you’re lost some weight before you start exercising.

Ongoing One on One Personal Training Pricing

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I wanted a more structured programme that would assist me in improving my fitness and in turn, improve my strength. Also, due to my work commitments, I struggled to get to a gym and keep a routine so personal training was my best option. My trainer Kate is excellent and works around my injuries. I can still train, we just work around it by eliminating or modifying particular exercises. For example, right now I am still not able to do any upper body work so we are focusing on my balance, core strength and lower body strength. Whatever injury I have had, there has always been some way to work around it.

from Brunswick East

If you need help getting your life back, you can’t go wrong with training with Toni. She is such an amazing person. Her positivity help you believe in yourself and your ability to train and take back control. I can’t say enough good things about Toni!

from Narre Warren South

I have been training with Kate (the boss at Slim Force) 3x a week for 18 months. Yes, that means I have spent a fortune on training but she is worth every penny. Kate is a thinking person’s trainer – not an little gym bunny who never had a moment of laziness or a bad hair day. She is a normal human being with vices and imperfections, which makes her well qualified for training people who perhaps aren’t the most fit and athletic (yet!). She is tough but fair, willing to support you in many ways, puts up with a lot of whinging (as long as you keep exercising while you whinge). Now Slim Force has a training studio in Heidelberg so if you’d rather get out of the house to train (and have access to different equipment) you can do that, too. Slim Force keeps a veritable stable of keen mobile trainers busy throughout metro Melbourne, so even if you are not local to the area they can find you a good match.

from Macleod