The Importance of Starting Where You Are

The Importance of Starting Where You Are - Plus Size Personal Training in Melbourne

Welcome to 2017! It’s a brand new year but this little post applies to all plus size beginners whether they are looking to get started at the beginning of a new year or in the dead of winter. This just happens to be the time that a lot of people start feeling like it’s time […]

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Exercising with Kids Around

Exercising with Kids Around - Mobile Personal Training Melbourne

As mobile personal trainers, we’re pretty used to having kids in the background during client’s workouts – and yes, sometimes they’re more right up in our face than in the background! We are actually completely okay with that. Many parents, particularly those with quite young kids, are concerned about whether they can genuinely get a […]

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How to Clean up Your Facebook Feed

Well, Slim Forcers, we’re certainly in the age of technology! Few of us can go very long without looking at our mobile hones, tablets and laptops. Facebook is an obvious go-to whenever you have a few spare moments. It moves so quickly, there’s always something new to look at. We’re bombarded with it. Unfortunately, Facebook […]

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Why I’m a Mobile Personal Trainer – Toni Bastin: Narre Warren and Surrounding Suburbs

Why did you become a personal trainer? I started my personal training journey with the sole purpose of wanting to help people who were in the same position as me before I found a love of fitness. Training in a gym environment is a great but my weight loss experience would have been much easier […]

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3 Tips for Keeping Moving in the Hot Weather

Spring has certainly sprung and it certainly feels as though we are looking down the barrel of a long hot summer if the beginning of this week is anything to go by. It can be really challenging to keep going with your physical activity when the weather starts to get hot. I don’t mean nice […]

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Is there a short cut to losing weight?

A lot of people embark on a fitness and health journey looking for a short cut to getting into the shape of their lives. There are all sorts of outrageous claims plastered around, they’re quite literally everywhere we look and everywhere we turn. Who could blame you if you were looking for the express train […]

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Taking Time Out for You

Life can get so overwhelming sometimes. There’s always so much on your to-do list, the very thought of taking some time out for yourself is enough to give you hives. Taking a brief break from the crazy that is your life can actually be very beneficial and help you get rid of that overwhelmed feeling, […]

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