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Hey! Kate Morris here! I established Slim Force in mid-2010 after working primarily in women’s gyms since becoming a personal trainer in 2008. I started out as a weight loss coach and sales consultant in a health club in 2007 after losing in excess of 40kg* through fitness and making manageable adjustments to my eating habits.

Let me tell you, walking into that gym for the first time was really pretty frightening. What WAS all that equipment? And I found even thinking about personal trainers downright scary. It was a whole new world for me. When I was first starting out at 107kg, there was no way known I would have wanted to go in there and try to figure out how everything worked. While exercising, I would close the curtains in case anyone walked past the house and I would shut the doors to the lounge room so my brothers wouldn’t see me. I was just too self conscious about how I looked and what I was doing.

I know how hard it can be to get started and how intimidating the whole idea of going to a gym or fitness studio can be. Over time, I got to know the personal trainers in the gyms I worked in. They were generally great people. They all had different training styles – some were tough, some not so tough. What I did find though, was that the vast majority of them didn’t get it. Not really. They’d never struggled with their weight, they didn’t know what it really felt like to feel so unfit or how difficult it can be to move a bigger body that hadn’t been moved in a while.

I also found it to be an environment where weight loss was often celebrated over improved health outcomes (regardless of weight) and calorie counting and quotas for food groups was encouraged in order to lose weight faster. It wasn’t necessarily the case for all trainers but it was the general culture. While it might work, it’s not a sustainable lifestyle change, it’s behaving in a particular way to meet a specific outcome – but then what?

I decided there had to be another way. A way for plus size beginners to feel comfortable learning to work out. To have them set their own goals, personal to them and their journey. A way that would save them time and help them build their confidence. This is where the idea for Slim Force all started.

* Results will vary. Similar results cannot be guaranteed simply by working with Slim Force.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Fat shaming, any body shaming for that matter, is never okay.
  • Your weight does not determine your fitness. Not by a long shot.
  • Big bodies can do lots of things – regardless of where you are starting.
  • You deserve to be happy and feel good about yourself NOW, regardless of your current size.
  • Your current situation only determines where you are starting from, and not how far you can go.

Benefits of Training with Slim Force

  • We have strong preference for the non dieting approach. We’re about you finding a way of eating that works for you and makes you feel satisfied and energised. We’re not about calorie counting and restriction. We encourage our clients to work toward listening to their body’s natural cues with respect to hunger and fullness and to seek assistance from a dietitian where necessary.
  • We focus on health and wellbeing improvements rather than focusing on an arbitrary, largely unhelpful number on the scales. There is so much more to the journey than that.
  • We start wherever you are and work with you to make the changes that you want to make rather than what some chart tells you SHOULD be your goal.

Mobile Personal Training Team

Mobile Personal Trainer - Narre Warren and Surrounding Suburbs

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Mobile Personal Trainer - Narre Warren and Surrounding Suburbs

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Mobile Personal Trainer - Seabrook and Surrounding Suburbs

Greg Leitch

Mobile Personal Trainer - Seabrook and Surrounding Suburbs

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